Plastic 2018 Seminar UAntwerp

Plastics in Modern Movement Interiors. Conservation and (re-)design of plastic Finishes, Furniture and Products.

On the 5th of March 2018, BIOPLA attended a one-day international seminar organised by the Faculty of Design Sciences, UAntwerp. Topic of the day? Plastic interior objects and its conservation. The two morning seminars were dedicated to the history of plastic in design, and the plastic heritage in Belgium. After the lunch break we talked about plastic design in a circular economy. The big challenge in the plastic future is to get inventive with new materials. Some interesting speakers talked about how their company is experimenting with next generation polymers. We discussed how we could innovate in heritage and design in times of a circular economy. In between the seminars there was a coffee break where students, professors and professionals mingled. BIOPLA had an infostand where people could get inspired by our mission and products. The students of the faculty Design Sciences were very interested in our used material. We ended the day with a nice network reception, and went home with new knowledge.

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