BIOPLA Afternoon 12 oktober 2017

During our BIOPLA-Afternoon we had an audience of purchasing managers and key decesion makers in local, regional and governmental organizations, Prime festivals and event locations. Educational institutions, catering and waste-processing companies. Our guest speakers spoke about bio-polymers, waste reduction, recycling and composting.

Karine Van Doorsselaer (Antwerp University, Bio-Polymers) ,
Ady Jager (Natureworks, Reducing the environmental footprint) ,
Steven Schuitema (FKuR, Customized solutions for Bio-Plastics) ,
Lore Marien, Katrien Vercammen (Ovam, GFT processing and sustainable events) ,
Steve Dejonghe (Looplife Polymers, Recycling Bio-Polymers) ,
Dirk Verbruggen (Ecowerf, Collecting and composting biobased materials)

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